StarRyder customer grow review

StarRyder customer grow review

StarRyder customer grow

This weeks StarRyder customer grow is from “Insert”, the original grow diary is courtesy of He’s an accomplished grower who has grown several of our auto’s. 

Dutch Passion StarRyder is a knockout variety which Dutch Passion created together with the Joint Doctor, the original pioneer of modern auto varieties.  We found that combining the best of our skills and genebanks with those of the Joint Doctor produced a special result, StarRyder, and she has quickly become one of our customer favourites too. 

Many of our customers tell us that StarRyder is one of our best, combining quality and quantity together without compromising either. This weeks customer grow diary comes from ‘Insert’, an accomplished grower who has grown several of our auto’s. 

Insert grew StarRyder under a Hydrogrow 336-x LED (300w) using DWC (deep water culture hydroponics) and produced a monster-size StarRyder that yielded 236g of ‘very potent’ cannabis just 79 days after germination. 

StarRyder customer grow review

StarRyder just before harvest with fan leaves removed, buds everywhere & epic yields!

StarRyder customer grow – Full genetic potential

Like many of the best auto growers, Insert uses DWC to allow the auto’s to reach their full genetic potential.  He uses a home-made grow box 1.8m high, 1.8m wide x 0.9m deep. ‘Insert’ uses Advanced Nutrients, and started the grow under a 400w HPS but finished the grow under 300W of LED. 

The combination of DWC, LED and auto genetics seems to be a recipe for success.

StarRyder customer grow review

StarRyder, incredible resin production makes for a very potent result

Comments from ‘Insert’

“I think that StarRyder has one of the coolest structures around. She grew strong and straight up.  Growing in DWC allows auto’s to grow big and sometimes out of control. But StarRyder kept that nice ‘Christmas tree shape’. The female pistils showed around day 25.”

“When she started to flower there was not much smell, very light in fact, but as the buds started to thicken up she really smelled like rotting fruit.!”

StarRyder customer grow review

Buds were very dense

“Once you touched those sticky buds a sweet tropical fruit smell (pineapple?) was all over your fingers. As far as feeding goes she didn’t mess around she took EC’s over 2.0 without any problems or burn.  I never saw a yellow leaf tip on her.”

“When it came time to harvest all of the buds were very dense. One of the things that I did different on this grow from previous ones, is use to flush for 10 days.”

StarRyder customer grow review

Recommend StarRyder

“I would recommend StarRyder to anyone at any level, rookie or expert.  She almost performed on Automatic!! She grew beyond my expectations and gave me no problems. I would almost say that StarRyder would suit almost any grower.”

“If you don’t want the couch lock or heavy mental trip then smoke less.  This way she is a good day time smoke. Smoke quality is very smooth, you don’t have to roll tobacco in the joint to achieve a quality smoking experience.”

“For me StarRyder is a very potent smoke, I usually smoke a half a gram a day (half a joint), and it was at first a very heady high, mental, that moved smoothly throughout the body. Munchies are nice, but not obligatory, and when you need to get up and do something it’s no problem. Go a little overboard with her and she can get a little edgy, but nothing to stress about, I just sat on the couch for a while.”

Tundra, AutoBlueberry and AutoXtreme

“I have grown and smoked Tundra, AutoBlueberry, and AutoXtreme.  Tundra is an up high, very smooth and easy going, perfect all around.  Dutch Passion Blueberry is very long lasting, and a little more suitable for the evening. Auto Extreme is a very UP high, but not as long lasting as the Blueberry.”

“And the StarRyder just turns up the volume on all of these, almost like rolling them all into a joint mixed with a little gunpowder!!!  StarRyder was by far the easiest Dutch Passion strain that I have ever trimmed! (for all of you who don’t like spending 2+hrs chopping leaves off)”

StarRyder customer grow review

StarRyder shown before her final trim and harvest

Give her a good cure

“StarRyder likes her nutrients and can grow quite big given the right conditions, I have seen some monsters in DWC, but one of my mates recently grew some StarRyders in a soilless mix and popped out some big ones too. Give her a good cure and you will be heavily rewarded with rock hard buds that will send you scooting around the stars.”


StarRyder is a perfect choice if you want to grow a special auto that offers real quality with the ability to deliver great yields.  On top of all that she is easy to grow as well.  We think you will struggle to get a better all round auto than StarRyder, seeds start at €31 for a 3-pack. 

Dutch Joe

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Data table summary of grow StarRyder

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