Strawberry Cough indoor SCROG/Supercropping grow

Strawberry Cough is a legendary old school sativa dominant strain adored over many years for the stress relieving effects, a unique fresh strawberry taste and a deeply pleasurable high. Many repeat Strawberry Cough growers love the creative effects. The energy-boosting high works particularly well in a social setting with friends and enhances your appreciation of the good things in your life.

Strawberry Cough photoperiod feminised seeds are easy to grow taking around 9 weeks of 12/12 bloom. The mythical genetics have partly North American and partly European roots. She is a hybrid cannabis strain which leans slightly more to the sativa side. In addition to the unique strawberry flavour and unique terpene profile many growers report that she is easy to grow in a wide range of grow styles and grow mediums.

Perhaps the most frequently praised quality of Strawberry Cough is the exquisitely pleasurable high – blissfully soothing and comforting. Great for creative pursuits, music, artistic hobbies or social settings. Strawberry Cough seeds are part of the USA Special cannabis seed collection. These strains typically produce potent plants, powerful highs, loud flavours and generous harvests. Strawberry Cough is no exception!

This weeks grow and pictures come from Antonio and Fernando of the Urban Growers Collective.

Strawberry Cough indoor grow review with organic nutrients and mixed LED/HPS grow lights

Grow details

VarietyStrawberry Cough
Cannabis seed typePhotoperiod feminised cannabis seeds
Number of seeds5
Date of germination Autumn 2015
Germination rate100%
Days required for germination3 days
Veg grow period 5 weeks (18/6 light schedule)
Flowering period60-65 days (12/12 daily light schedule)
Stretch during bloomAround 150%, solid stretch

Basic information of the grow

Grow room type Growtent & Growbox
Grow room size118 x 76cm (about 0.9 m2) & 120×60 (0.72m2)
Plants per roomGrowroom 1: 1 plant out of 3
Growroom 2: 2 out of 5 plants
Plant containers 1 plant in a big 41L Smartpot
2 in 20L Airpots in the other grow room
Grow mediumLight mix soil:Coco fibre in a 4:1 ratio
NutrientsSannie Products & BAC, all organic
Grow systemWatered by hand – soil/coco grow
Grow technique Half-pipe SCROG + bending/super-cropping
Grow lightGrow room 1: Mix of HPS (Gavita 600w Enhanced HPS used on 400w maximum) and LED (2xHS1 of 75w). Grand total of 550W.
Grow room 2: Kind LED L300 (220W) & 2 x HS1 (75W each). Grand total 370W
Light distance to canopy Around 35-50cm average in bloom

Strawberry Cough seeds germinated and grown with high expectations!

Remarks during germination :

Germination went fast and we had another 100% cannabis seed germination rate. All 5 seeds germinated within 3 days and the taproot started growing rather quickly. We transplanted them into small 0.25L containers in which they were pre-grown for just a few weeks. They were transplanted into their final containers after about 3 weeks of VEG growth in small containers.

Best way to germinate cannabis seeds, the moist cotton pad method

Remarks during vegetative phase – VEG (18/6) :

We selected the three best plants out of the five seeds/seedlings. I used one lady to grow in a side by side run with two Desfran plants and Fernando grew two Strawberry Cough plants next to two Desfran plants and one CBD Kush.

Just to explain a bit about the different grow rooms, my grow room was the same room used in the Desfran grow blog. It was a grow with 3 plants in 41L Smartpots in a 0.9m2 growroom, with 2 Desfran plants on the sides of the half-pipe SCROG and one Strawberry Cough plant in the middle. This room was lit by a 600W Gavita Enhanced HPS (on 400W maximum) and 2x HS1 from GrowNorthern/CrazyLED’s & More. A total of 550w were used in that room.

How to guide for the cannabis veg stage

The single plant that was grown by me had truly a beautiful leaf structure with one of the most special fan-leaves I had seen in a long time. A nice hybrid style leaf with big, fat fingers showing both her Indica and Sativa heritage. A vivid dark green colour and a sort of metallic shimmering on the leaf.

The other room had a 0.72m2 area with a KIND LED L300 (of 220w) and 2x HS1 growlights of 75w each. A total of 370w of light. Here the two Strawberry Cough plants were grown in 20L Airpots.

All plants were grown with organic nutrients and with the SCROG method. These Strawberry Cough plants had about the same leaf and plant structure as the single one. A hybrid style structure which was slightly leaning to the Sativa side of the genes. Nice and sturdy stems, it was also easy to scrog them.

All three Strawberry Cough plants grew quite fast and homogeneously during the vegetative period. After about 2 more weeks of VEG in their final container it was time to switch the clock to 12/12 and start the flowering period.

Strawberry Cough flowering – delicious terpene profile for the connoisseur or professional grower

The Strawberry Cough plants all had a decent stretch during the first and second week of 12/12. They stretched quite a bit during that period, resulting in a full field of buds with relatively big flowers. Resin development started in the third week, it’s a strain that doesn’t get a lot of frost/resin on the leaves, but most of it is present in the inner flower. There is of course some resin on the sugar leaves and outer leaves but we noticed it isn’t a lot.

The calyx-to-leaf ratio of all three plants was normal to good. The buds don’t have any excessive leaves in them, making it quite easy and fast to manicure.

It’s quite a vigorous strain, she can grow quickly with a good stretch after switching the clock to 12/12. But even though she grows rather fast her stretch is quite manageable. The single plant that was grown next to the 2 Desfran plants became pretty big, and she had a lot of flowers on the SCROG net.

Being placed in the middle of the net she took the opportunity to grow and produced many budsites. Most buds on this plant became thick flowers with strong stems which were covered in nicely looking pistils.

Cannabis flowering stage how-to guide

What we noticed between the different plants was that the single plant didn’t hold any colour in the buds while the 2 other plants were displaying purple hues the flowers itself, increasing the bag appeal. The single plant had beautiful foxtails and smelled something like a strawberry milkshake. Very berry dominant with a creamy undertone.

We loved touching and smelling these buds. This phenotype might have a few more leaves in the buds than the other two but still she wasn’t hard to trim either.

The other two Strawberry Cough plant had very similar looking buds. Both expressing a phenotype with purple/pinkish hues. Both smelling exactly like Strawberries. This terpene profile was dominated by a very sweet & fruity berry aroma. This is the stuff that surely will put a smile on your face each time you enter the room.

All the ladies took around 9 weeks of flowering to become completely ripe. By this point the flowers looked and smelled absolutely amazing. The light green buds were accompanied by vivid orange pistils, purple tones and a dense white coating of trichomes. Even though these genetics are mostly Sativa dominant, there is still the right amount of Indica genes present making these buds quite firm and dense.

Harvest report for Strawberry Cough

Final height in cm:

Again, all the plants in this grow review were grown with the SCROG-technique. This is of course one of the best growing techniques to achieve the highest possible yields. But due to this method it is very difficult to understand how big they would have become without the use of this growing method.

Strawberry Cough grows pretty vigorously and she has a medium stretch. This makes her easy to read and to predict. There was no point during either grow where we had the feeling that they would become unmanageable or that they would outgrow the room. The internodal distance remains good and she doesn’t stretch excessively.

Growing cannabis with the SCROG method

Calyx-leaf ratio (Easy trim/yes or no):

Yes, Strawberry Cough is straightforward and easy to trim. She has a solid calyx-to-leaf ratio. There are still some leaves in the flowers but it’s not hard to get rid of them. The fastest way to trim the buds is to pluck the bigger leaves and use a scissor to ‘shave’ the buds. Because the flowers are dense and compact the trimming is also quite fast.

Quality (Resin/Smell/Compactness) :

If you are into strawberries, then you have found the right strain! We were a little sceptical from the start, can a cannabis strain really smell/taste like a strawberry? Yes, it can! The quality of the buds is high.

We love the aroma! It is a very fruity aroma with sweet and creamy tones. It is a berry dominant terpene profile that will remind you of strawberries and forest fruit. Resin levels are good but not extreme. She is potent but it’s definitely not a knock-out high.

The buds, even though they are definitely Sativa dominant, are still pretty firm and dense. The flowers have a nice bag appeal and especially the phenotypes with the purple/pinkish hues look very special. It adds another layer to the quality and experience you’ll have with this strain.

Strawberry Cough, yield and quality never disappoint

Yield :

Strawberry Cough has solid yield. She is not the biggest yielder but the quality of the flowers of this variety makes up for that. The single plant yielded very well and had around 150g of dried buds. Statistically speaking, if all 3 plants were Strawberry Cough I could have had 450g of dried buds during that round.

The other round with the 2 Strawberry Cough plants that was grown by Fernando yielded around 65g per plant on average. If all 5 plants were Strawberry Cough this could have been potentially around 300-330g.

All in all, a good result. A little bit below 1 g/w but still very decent. With a flowering period of around 9 weeks this is quite a fast-flowering Sativa.

Remarks after curing :

The aroma is unmistakably fruity and (straw)berry dominant. Sweet tones of strawberries and forest fruit is what you smell when you open the jar after a good cure. One phenotype also had more creamy and doughy tones in it. Very subtle herbal and piney tones can be identified by the real connoisseur. Her taste is also predominantly sweet and fruity, with subtle hints of strawberries & blueberries.

The high is something that caught us both by surprise! It’s a super balanced Sativa dominant up high. It makes you float high in the sky while feeling totally relaxed and completely Zen. No wonder this is a good anti-anxiety high. Stress melts away and you feel energised, euphoric and physically relaxed. Not trippy nor racy at all.


Aroma★★★★½ (4,5 stars)
Taste★★★½☆ (3,5 stars)
Effect★★★★½ (4,5 stars)
Bag appeal★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Overall rating★★★★☆ (4+ stars)

Overall rating (5 star rating) : 4+

Very solid overall rating for Strawberry Cough, she has a very nice aroma, the taste could be slightly stronger, but it’s still a very nice smoke. The high however, is super special and truly unique! The perfect combination of a strong Sativa up-high with subtle physical relaxation.

Grower observations and remarks for Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is what exactly what you expect when you read about this plant for the first time. Strawberries…hmmmm… both the aroma and the taste are very much like real strawberries and strawberry candy.

Sweet & fruity, a perfect mix of unique terpenes that makes this a super tasty variety. The high might be the most special thing about this strain, besides the strawberry terps. It’s a unique up high that simultaneously lifts you up and calms you down. Truly unique and a blessing to smoke!

Looking back, it was quite an easy strain to grow, she handles the nutrients very well and it wasn’t hard to keep them in the nutrient sweet spot. The branches become rather tough and strong, and they will carry decent size flowers that remain pretty firm and dense. It was a fun plant to SCROG, the stems won’t break easily.

You can also use other growing techniques like bending, cropping and supercropping without causing any stress to her. If you’re looking for some smokable fruit then this might be the right strain for you! We think every smoker that is looking for a good Sativa with a special high will be more than happy to experience this strain.

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