Think Different 9-plant home grow review

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Think Different

9-plant home grow review by Parabolic Pete

Why do so many Dutch Passion customers love the auto flowering Think Different variety? The simple answer is that it is one of the most reliable varieties available for the home grower, consistently producing large amounts of super-strong pot.  Think Different is also one of the easiest varieties to grow, even first-time growers have been able to harvest 100g+ from her.  It’s an uncomplicated variety, easy to cultivate and feed. Anyone can get good results with her.  And that is the main reason for the popularity of this variety.

frosty bud shot baby

Above, Think Different grown by ‘Parabolic Pete’, with a rich resin coat

The plants grows under a daily light cycle of 20 hours of daily light followed by 4 hours of darkness.  11 weeks after germination the plant is ready to harvest.  Its that simple.

This weeks blog and blog photographs show a home-grower (‘Parabolic Pete’) who cultivated 9 Think Different plants in a grow room with three 600W HPS lights fitted with parabolic reflectors.  The plants were grown in 16 litre felt pots (‘Root Pouches’) of Canna coco and fed with Canna coco nutrients.  They went on to produce nearly 1600g of top quality pot,around 170g per plant.

room full of buds

Above and below.  The 9 plants were grown in large root pouches under three 600W HPS lights and produced lots of heavy sticky blooms.

9 plants means pleasure

Top-5 Best-Seller

Dutch Passion Think Different has become a Top-5 best-seller popular with indoor growers outdoor growers and greenhouse growers.  She grows well in any conditions, soil, hydroponics or coco fibre.  It’s a variety which thrives under a wide variety of growing conditions which has helped make her a popular variety for the urban home grower.  It’s one of the strongest varieties in the Dutch Passion collection with a strong sativa ‘up’ high, and it is one of our reliably heaviest yielding varieties.  It seems around 50% of the Think Different growers had it recommended it to them by a friend, and the other half of these growers are repeat growers who already know it’s a good choice which produces heavy harvests of quality pot.

Dutch Passion Automatics tend to produce a heavy central bloom surrounded by 10-15 (or more) surrounding blooms, it is this feature which really make them heavy yielders.  The most experienced growers can get several hundred grams per plant if they can maximise bud production from side branches and optimise growing conditions.  In this weeks blog the use of three powerful 600w HPS lights with parabolic reflectors produced ideal growing conditions for the nine plants.  The grower ‘Parabolic Pete’ showed the rewards that come when the plants are kept to roughly the same canopy hight.  This allowed the three 600W HPS reflectors to be lowered down to the same hight, bathing the plants with intense light which allowed the formation of numerous dense and heavy cola’s.

Think Different
Think Different

Review by Parabolic Pete

“I had 9 plants in 16 litre root pouches with canna coco, it produced a very impressive root structure due to the increased levels of root oxygenation.  Over several grows the root pouch system has proven itself to me.  

I harvested a total of 1557g of dried bud from the 9 plants – not bad. I did better with AutoMazar in soil on a previous grow though.  This Think Different grow was my first time growing in coco for quite a long time however. 

Why did I choose to grow Think Different?  I definitely wanted something reliable, thats the main reason. I’m enjoying the smoke, its already very tasty and has a great lemon tang to the aroma. It has a nice ‘dreamy stoned’ feeling. It will be very nice when its had a good cure. There were good sized buds on all of the plants it was pretty consistent. About 2 plants could have been harvested a week earlier than the others and 2 plants could have done with an extra week. In the end I harvested them all at 11 weeks. They are very frosty with resin, great bag appeal. 

I feel very happy with this grow – its one of my best grows yet. i’ve enjoyed growing these, I’ll do Think Different again after the current AutoBlueberry comes in.  I think I will go back to soil as i have been using twice the amount of water with coco which means a lot more watering work“

Think Different
Think Different


Any cannabis lover with 11 weeks to spare will love Think Different.  Its a variety that is so easy to cultivate that anyone can produce a great quality home grown harvest – this is not a fussy feeder or a demanding variety to care for.  The feminized Think Different seeds will start flowering automatically after approx 3 weeks.  All you need do is plant them and let nature take care of the rest.  Growing your own pot doesn’t get much easier, or better, than this.

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