Think Different grow review in BioBizz soil

Think Different grow review with HPS lights

Home grown cannabis with XL harvests

Think Different is one of Dutch Passions best selling high-THC feminized auto cannabis seed varieties in recent years.  This strong haze/sativa selection grows under 20 or 24 hours of daily light, and takes around 75 days from seed to harvest.  Occasionally she takes an extra week or two, but the long-blooming phenotypes always repay with XXL harvests.

This weeks epic Think different grow review comes from Yozhik who grew his XL Think Different in 30 litres of BioBizz Lightmix soil using a 600W HPS light and 20 hours of daily light.  Nutrients were from Advanced Nutrients. The original grow diary is here on the Autoflower Network.

Tall central bloom

Think Different tends to grow with a tall central bloom, surrounded by a ring of slightly shorter blooms.  In good conditions all these blooms can grow thick with resinous buds, Think Different is an easy auto to grow, and experienced growers can get very heavy harvests.  Think Different loves to get plenty of light, the largest plants will take as much light as you can give them and respond with very heavy harvests.

Think Different grow review

THC rich marijuana from Dutch Passion seeds

This grow was a soil cultivation using proven BioBizz Light mix soil.  The ‘Light Mix’ description means that the soil has limited amounts of nutritional content and that extra nutrition will need to be added eventually.  Many growers prefer to work with a ‘light mix’ soil from companies like Plagron, BioBizz etc.  It allows the grower to gradually introduce liquid feeds containing cannabis fertilizers.

Most growers start adding the liquid feed at very low concentrations and steadily increase the concentration.  If any signs of over-feeding are noticed (e.g. the tips of leaves go brown, dry out and die) the feeding concentration should be reduced immediately.  With cannabis growing, it is always better to under-feed than over-feed the plants.  Autos are on a fixed life schedule of around 75 days, and they don’t have the time to recover from over feeding.  Over-feeding and over-watering plants are two of the most common mistakes made by new cannabis growers.

The unusually large 30 litre container allowed a dense root network to form.  Often home growers use containers between 6 and 15 litres for growing autos, and these will give excellent results.  Increasing the size of the container results in more money spent on the grow medium.  But the extra harvest quantities are the main reason why some home growers prefer to use extra large containers such as the 30 litre soil container used on this grow.  As experienced auto growers will know, a large and healthy root structure below the soil allows for large harvests above the ground.

Home Grown Cannabis Made Easy

The Think Different grew steadily, with lots of side branching.  One of the features of Dutch Passion autos is the high level of side branching which contribute to the XL harvests.  On this grow there were over 20 generously sized blooms.  Growers that can give high light intensity and plenty of side lighting will get XL harvests every time.

Think Different has lots of repeat growers, its an easy variety to grow in any type of grow system.  Its an auto variety that combines high quality with unusually heavy harvests.  Think Different has been a best selling variety ever since she was first released several years ago, she is consistently potent with reliable, well proven genetics.  We also see lots of outdoor growers using Think Different.  Outdoors she takes around 85-90 days, try to select the 90 day growth period in central summer with maximum sunshine for best results.

With a well developed root structure, plenty of light and the correct nutrients this Think Different grew into a beautiful symmetric structure with an unusually heavy harvest.  The grower demonstrated great attention to detail, with maximum focus on the plant environment. The plant genetics to do the rest.

If you are thinking of growing your own cannabis, Think Different is a proven and reliable feminized autoflowering winner that has satisfied thousands of home growers.  You can get your seeds here in packs of 3 or 7.

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