When and how to harvest CBG buds

CBG-Force indoor harvest and smoke report by @cannatorium 1

CBG, or cannabigerol, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. CBG is the ‘mother’ cannabinoid from which most other cannabinoids (including THC) are synthesised. Normally it is present at levels of 1% or below. Often CBG levels are around/below 0.2% in most strains. CBG is non-psychoactive, meaning you won’t feel high from it. But many report it offers calming, focussed and relaxing effects. Medical cannabis growers are particularly interested in growing CBG cannabis seeds following a huge recent surge in medical/pharmaceutical research.

CBG-rich cannabis flowering / seed to harvest time

Cannabis grown from CBG seeds looks and grows just like any other type of cannabis. Growing from a seedling, through veg growth and finally bloom. The fact that the buds are rich in CBG (other than the more usual THC) is down to the cannabis genetics and the breeding process to produce the cannabis seeds. This is often the result of several years of intensive, complicated breeding by professional geneticists.

Dutch Passion have two CBG-rich cannabis strains. CBG-Force is available in photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds. Auto CBG-Force is supplied as autoflowering cannabis seeds. Both CBG-rich seed options are part of the Special Cannabinoid cannabis seed collection, home to specialist strains rich in CBDV, THCV & CBD.

CBG-rich feminised cannabis seeds flowering time

CBG-Force feminised cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion

Those that prefer to grow photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds will find CBG-Force to be easy to grow, with surprisingly heavy yields. The bloom time of 7 weeks is rapid. Growers should note that the aroma may seem lighter than other more-pungent weed strains. The scent is fruity with citrus notes. These are primarily lemon and grapefruit, but you may also notice slightly creamy and spicy/pine notes. Despite the frosty appearance, buds from CBG-Force don’t feel as sticky as THC-rich buds. With THC levels typically below 0.2% there is no traditional psychoactive high.

Variety Feminised cannabis flowering time CBG cannabinoid THC
CBG-Force 7 weeks 10-15% <1%

CBG-rich autoflower seed to harvest time

Auto CBG-Force cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion

Many cannabis growers prefer the speed, simplicity and convenience of autoflower seeds. Growing from seed to harvest in around 12 weeks, Auto CBG-Force is fast and easy to grow. With a similar cannabinoid profile (10-15% CBG, <1% THC) to the photoperiod CBG-Force.

The 5 most common terpenes found in Auto CBG-Force are caryophyllene, terpinolene, bisabolol and guaiol and ocimene. The aroma is floral and spicy with hints of wood, pine and mint. The taste is tangy and floral with hints of lemon and cinnamon in the background.

Auto CBG-Force grows vigorously with a strong main stem and many side-branches. Plants reach an average size and are well suited for growing in a SOG setup. The buds turn white with good bag appeal but are less sticky than normal buds. Most blooms have a good flower-to-leaf ratio and even the tiny sugar leaves are full of trichomes. Indoors, she is best grown on a 20/4 light schedule.

Variety Autoflowers seed to harvest time CBG cannabinoid THC
Auto CBG-Force 12 weeks 15% <1%
1+1 free CBD rich cannabis seeds promo by Dutch Passion

When to harvest hemp for optimal CBG potency

When growing CBG rich cannabis strains, use the same principles and harvest logic as you would use when growing traditional cannabis strains.

Harvesting early means you may miss out on the heaviest total cannabinoid content. The best cannabis growers are able to keep their plants in the optical and nutrient ‘sweet spot’ from seedling to harvest. That’s a skill which can take time to master, but it’s the best way to aim for the best possible bud quality.

Most growers tend to harvest around the time when most of the cannabis trichomes have turned cloudy. At this point the pistils (hairs) have generally turned orange

When to harvest CBG buds grown indoors

CBG-Force indoor harvest and smoke report by @cannatorium 7

Indoor grown cannabis tends to be grown in a stable environment, free from wild temperature swings, storms and pests. As such, indoor grown plants often tend to reach harvest-readiness slightly before outdoor grown cannabis.

Using the Dutch Passion CBG-Force & Auto CBG-Force cannabis seeds should mean fast harvests. Photoperiod feminised CBG-Force seeds can be grown with just 7 weeks of indoor bloom under a 12/12 cannabis light cycle. Auto CBG-Force grows from autoflower seed to harvest in around 12 weeks indoors.

If conditions are not full optimised the plants may require an extra week or two. As always, be guided by the plant appearance rather than seed bank recommendations.

When to harvest CBG buds grown outdoors

CBG-Force indoor harvest and smoke report by @cannatorium 5

Outdoors cannabis often has more challenges to cope with. Night/day temperature swings may be more pronounced outdoors than indoors. Pests may cause issues, occasionally severe. And of course, you have the usual potential issues – cold weather, rain, lack of sunlight and possible heatwaves. The combined effects mean that the outdoor grower may find their CBG buds take a little longer to ripen.

Auto CBG-Force may take a couple of weeks longer outdoors than her typical 12-week indoor life cycle. It’s recommended to aim for the best 3-month grow period with ample sun when for best results. But those growing in mediterranean (or similar) climates may be able to get 2 or even 3 successive outdoor Auto CBG-Force harvests.

Photoperiod CBG-Force tends to be ready to harvest in early October in the Northern Hemisphere (early April in the Southern Hemisphere).

Pictures of CBG-rich cannabis plants ready for harvest

As the pictures show, CBG-rich cannabis plants have the same structure and appearance as any other type of cannabis. Expect buds, blooms and leaves just like a traditional THC-rich strain. Nutrient usage, root development and growth above-ground will all appear normal.

The real magic is at the genetic level, where the painstakingly careful breeding has resulted in the plant biochemistry producing elevated CBG levels in the 10-15% range (in dry buds). That’s many times the normal CBG level and perfect for those seeking to create CBG-rich buds or CBG-rich cannabis concentrates.

How to harvest and dry CBG flowers?

Use your normal rules and procedures for determining the optimum point to harvest and cure your CBG-rich buds. It’s good advice to avoid early harvesting where possible and allow your CBG rich cannabis plants time to fully ripen and maximise CBG levels.

LED grow lights are generally regarded as superior in every way to HPS, apart from their purchase cost. If you can grow with LED, you should see superior cannabinoid content and terpene profiles, inherently lower levels of heat stress and vigorous growth. Serious growers will add supplemental UVA/UVB lights for the final 2-3 weeks to max-out potency and flavour.

Aroma on some CBG plants may be lighter and less pungent than with other varieties. Therefore, the more experienced growers will pay particular attention to the drying and curing stage, avoiding the pitfalls of over-drying and losing much of the precious terpene content.

Our pro-guide to harvest, drying & curing is highly recommended to any grower wanting to know more about optimising final bud quality. Good luck with your CBG cannabis seed grow!

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