White Widow indoor LED grow with 270g dry harvest

White Widow indoor grow diary TheCannaProphet Dutch Passion Seed Company

White Widow is a multiple cannabis cup winner. The name is derived from the unusually heavy crusting of white trichomes produced on the female plants. THC levels of 20% and above are quite routine in reasonable conditions. If you’re looking for some proven, high potency cannabis seeds which definitely won’t let you down then look no further. White Widow is a perfect choice! For some growers White Widow remains one of the most iconic and consistently potent cannabis strains ever created.

The long lasting high hits quickly and powerfully with a blissfully pleasurable anti-anxiety effect. Stress simply melts away! But it’s not just the predictably stunning potency that tempts so many repeat growers to keep this powerful strain in their grow room. Yields are also well above average, as shown in this weeks White Widow review from TheCannaProphet. 270g of dried buds were produced from a single White Widow plant grown from photoperiod feminised White Widow seeds. Read on to see why White Widow simply never fails to disappoint!

White Widow feminised seeds grown indoors with 60 days veg growth

VarietyWhite Widow
Cannabis seed typePhotoperiod feminised cannabis seeds
Germination dateSept 2020
Germination time2-4 days
Vegatative stage length60 days
Bloom stage length9 weeks
White Widow grown from cannabis seeds in a tent 270g harvest

What can I say, Dutch Passion F1 White Widow…OMG 😍 Derived from 80’s F1 stock makes for an extremely stable and easy to grow. She yields HEAVY with perfectly formed, rock hard flowers that are LOADED with trichomes so much that it looks like they’ve been sprinkled with super fine diamond dust making this a dream for extraction, and the aroma she lays down will have your mouth watering. These genetics were a massive stacker and easy to cultivate as well. She yielded well and ranks as one of the strongest cultivars I’ve grown.


White Widow indoor grow review by TheCannaProphet

Grow room typeIndoor grow tent, by Gorilla Grow Tent (‘GGT 4×8’)
Grow room size4 feet x 8 feet (1.2m x 2.4m)
Plant containers7 gallon (30 litre) air pots
Grow medium70% Coco fibre with 30% added perlite
NutrientsBotanicare, 100% dry organic amendments & Fox Farms
Grow systemWhite Widow was hand watered. Supplemental CO2 added at 1200 ppm
Grow techniquePlants topped once on day 28 of veg growth  with some light low stress training (tying down branches)
Grow lightTwo x HLG 650 (Horticulture Lighting Group). 630W power draw from each light. Plus 2 x 30W UV bars from HLG
Light cycle18/6 in veg, 12/12 in bloom
pH details 6.2-6.8 ph’d water & weekly tea
Additional harvest details48hrs of darkness was given before harvest, a technique believed to increase resin production. Branches needed support at the end of bloom to prevent them collapsing under the weight of their buds
Drying informationHung up and dried for 12 days
Final yield9.5 ounces (270g) of dry buds from 1 plant

One reason for the heavy harvest of 270g from a single plant was the generous 60 day period of vegetative growth provided by The Canna Prophet. This allowed the White Widow plants to produce a large root network and a heavily branched final plant. White Widow genetics are particularly vigorous and thrive under optimised conditions. The powerful LED grow lights used in this grow helped produce intense light levels. This in turn allowed the prize winning genetics to step into top gear and produce a very heavy yielding indoor plant.

White Widow 100% organic nutrient feeding schedule

Organic feeding is increasingly popular with home growers. When you are consuming your own buds it makes sense to aim for the highest purity and quality levels. Organic nutrients reassure the consumer that their final buds are free from any artificial residues. For the same reasons home growers pay particular attention to avoid pests – prevention is always better than cure. No responsible grower would spray their buds with potentially harmful pesticides. The 270g final dry yield from the White Widow plant demonstrates that an organic approach certainly doesn’t compromise harvest quantities.

White Widow approaching harvest with heavy branches

White Widow stage-by-stage grow in 4×8 Gorilla tent

TheCannaProphet has his original White Widow grow review on Growdiaries.com. He has previously enjoyed growing Dutch Passion cannabis seeds, his Power Plant grow review is also well worth reading.

The White Widow grow was steady and unsurprising with no unusual problems or difficulties. This is to be expected from such a well established and fully proven genetic line with multiple cannabis cup wins.

Dutch Passion White Widow seedling stage

White Widow feminised cannabis seeds were germinated in small plastic cups containing a 70/30 blend of coco fibre/perlite. The LED grow lights provided a full spectrum with sufficient blue light to ensure a solid start.

Germinating your cannabis seeds with the cotton pad method

Dutch Passion White Widow vegetative stage

With 60 days of vegetative growth the White Widow had a good start to life. The heavily branched White Widow is known to produce seriously impressive yields when given such lengthy periods of veg growth and this was no exception. The plants were topped (growing tip removed) after 28 days of veg growth which tends to produce a short and stocky growth pattern.

Dutch Passion White Widow flowering stage

Under the powerful LED grow lights the White Widow grew into a heavy yielding plant during the flowering stage. Branches were covered in resinous buds, causing the branches to bow down. White Widow growers often find that supporting the heavier branches is necessary to prevent them snapping as harvest approaches. The side blooms were long with stacked buds. With so many side blooms the final harvest was predictably very heavy.

White Widow 270g harvest smoke report

White Widow outstanding 270g harvest of dried buds

Her aroma in flower is SUPER strong so keep that in mind, and remember this is not a ‘daytime’ smoke as she hits you like a hammer…HARD! After a 2 week cure in jars she took on a strong, pungent cheese aroma with slight sweet hints mixed in.. The bag appeal is an 11 (out of 10) and she’s got the mouth to check off the last box, leaving a strong diesel kush taste that lingers quite a while….just a ridiculously enjoyable strain to experience and is well suited for relaxing evenings with friends or listening to music! Cultivate some of these beauties from Dutch Passion and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


White Widow drying and curing tips

White Widow heavy yielding cannabis seeds in 8 weeks of bloom

White Widow has a famously powerful and pleasant high. To get the best from the buds it helps to time your harvest well and give the buds a good dry and cure to bring out the delicious flavours and terpene profile. She takes an average of 8 weeks in bloom but some growers don’t mind waiting an extra week or two if a particularly powerful and heavy effect is required.

White Widow growers should note that the aroma is exceptionally powerful, pungent and penetrating. A good quality carbon filter is recommended at all times for indoor growers.

How to harvest, dry and cure cannabis

Buy your own White Widow cannabis seeds

Such is the timeless popularity of White Widow that she is available in a range of cannabis seeds. You can choose regular seeds, feminised seeds or autoflowering cannabis seeds. Auto White Widow is perhaps the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to cultivate these fine quality cannabis genetics. She can be grown from seed to harvest in around 10-11 weeks under 20 hours of daily indoor light.

Dutch Passion’s White Widow seeds uses original 1980’s genetics to guarantee you an authentic experience. White Widow seeds are part of the Dutch Passion classics collection. If you haven’t grown these seeds yet you are missing out on an iconic, legendary part of cannabis history. Buy your White Widow seeds here and discover the legendary popularity of White Widow for yourself!

Go get you some of these beans from Dutch Passion and I GUARANTEE you won’t be disappointed!👍 Derived from 80’s F1 stock this is an extremely stable and easy as hell to grow cultivar. She yields HEAVY, smells she gives off will make your mouth water and she hits you like a hammer….HARD! After 2 weeks of cure she’s got a strong as hell pungent cheesy aroma, bag appeal is an 11 and she’s got the mouth to go along…leaves that skunk/diesel taste on your palate for 4-5 minutes, ridiculous strain!


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