9 Dutch Passion feminised seeds grown together

9 Dutch Passion feminised seeds grown together

It’s not uncommon for growers to cultivate 2 or 3 cannabis strains alongside each other. But in this week’s grow from Bebopstar, 9 different Dutch Passion feminised cannabis seeds were selected for an indoor LED grow. Unfortunately, Bebopstar was unable to give any updates for the last 2 weeks of the grow due to personal circumstances. The whole Dutch Passion team wish him well and hopes he gets better soon!

Multiple Dutch Passion cannabis seeds indoor grow diary by Bebopstar

Bebopstar selected 9 feminised seeds known for their audacious fruity pungency. Like so many other serious indoor growers he has found LED grow lights allow superior results compared to HPS. The best part of growing so many different strains in the same grow is the diversity of choice available after harvest. With a selection of top-shelf strains to choose between, many connoisseur growers enjoy being able to select the best strain for the moment. Whether that’s an uplifting sativa for some daytime energy or a heavy-hitting indica to allow you to really kick back in style during the evening.

A summary of the grow review is below:

Multiple Dutch Passion cannabis seeds indoor grow diary by Bebopstar
Harvested plants 8 feminised cannabis seeds
Varieties Banana Blaze
Bubba Island Kush (Didn’t germinate)
Critical Orange Punch
Durban Dew
Mokum’s Tulip
Orange Bud
Skywalker Haze
Environment Indoor tent 100*100*200cm Black Silver (3 ft x 3ft)
Grow medium Plagron Promix and clay balls
Nutrients Power Roots, Alga Grow, Vita Race, Sugar Royal, Alga Bloom, Green sensation from Plagron.
Pot size 9 round pots 1L (seedlings) and 7L (grow & bloom) with retention trays
Grow techniques Mainlining, SCROG
Grow lights RADEAU 320W 4 X VERO 29SE PLUG&PLAY from LedFury
Climate control Extra PrimaKlima 420-800m3/h. 4 small fans 15w, 2 speeds + 8L air humidifier
Smell control Prima Klima carbon filter Ø 160x 400 mm 620m3/h

This indoor soil/LED/feminised seed approach is popular with cannabis growers of all types/sizes. A similar approach was used by Bebopstar when he grew Dutch Passion Meringue feminised seeds.

Meringue feminised seeds grown indoors with LED/soil by Bebopstar

Indoor grow report by Bebopstar

9 Dutch Passion seeds grown together indoors

With a 1m x 1m grow tent, and 9 different strains to grow, Bebopstar opted to start in 1L containers and pot-up to 7L (1.5 gal) containers. This allowed 3 rows of 3 plants, 9 in total. Even then, growing 9 plants in a 1m x 1m (3ft x 3ft) area required skilful use of high stress cannabis training (HST). Specifically, each plant was mainlined.

This means it was carefully trained to produce 8 growing points. Bebopstar felt this would give superior yields compared to 4 plants with 16 blooms. This was achieved by progressively topping the cannabis plant to remove the apex (grow point) to create multiple blooms. Lower branches are then removed, and the plant carefully trained to maintain a level grow canopy.

With many different cannabis strains being used, cannabis training is a good option to control the differential stretch/growth rates between plants.

Indoor grow report by Bebopstar (germination stage)

The only disappointment was the failure of Bubba Island Kush to germinate. Other than that, the cannabis seed germination and seedling stage went well.

It was remarkable to see so many well-trained plants packed together in such organised fashion – testament to the fine skills of an experienced grower that knows how to extract maximum efficiency from their grow space. Despite some problems with the light timer, the cannabis seeds germinated apart from the unfortunate Bubba Island Kush.

It all started with a complete cleaning of the grow tent. I then filled each of the nine 1 litre jars with Promix soil. A first watering followed.

Once the soil was very damp, I dug a small hole of barely 1cm in each pot. The seeds were placed there, one per container. I gave a small spray/misting of water (no nutrients) on each.

I will make sure to keep the soil moist with regular spraying. Approximately every twelve hours. I am now awaiting the birth of my nine favourite fruits.

Eight of my nine proteges sprouted two days ago. I then turned on the lights & fans and stopped the regular misting of the seedlings. I count the start date from there. They all look great and are ready to face life.

Multi strain flowering pictures by Bebopstar

The grow pictures show just how well organised and well managed this grow was. Note how each plant produced 8 blooms, neatly arranged to allow the plants to utilise every corner of the tent. Each plant is identifiable by its own colours produced in bloom.

Growing multiple feminised cannabis seeds together indoors

Those with slightly less grow experience may prefer to avoid the potential grow room headaches caused by mixing sativa cannabis seeds with indica seeds. This will avoid extreme stretch differential between individual plants. But those with sufficient experience of high stress and low stress cannabis training may have sufficient confidence to tackle a tent full of plants with different growth characteristics.

Use of the cannabis SCROG method is one way to create a level canopy even if different strains are being grown. With the right level of planning, the experienced home grower can successfully manage a tent full of plants even with diverse cannabis genetics, whether the plants are grown from feminised seeds or autoflower seeds.

One other factor to consider is the flowering time of the different cannabis strains being grown. Less experienced growers may prefer to select cannabis seeds that grow with roughly similar bloom times. This may simplify nutrient preparation and the feeding/flushing regime a little.

The Dutch Passion webshop comes with some convenient filters on the left hand side of the screen, allowing you to select cannabis seeds according to indica/sativa content, genetic lineage, bloom time, yield and potency.

Growing several different cannabis strains together is quite possible, even with limited grow space. All it requires is an understanding of your own experience levels and a selection of the most appropriate cannabis seeds.

Good luck and enjoy your next multi-strain cannabis grow. For cannabis growers nothing quite beats the satisfaction of having several different jars of top-quality buds on the shelf!

How to grow different strains of weed together

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