Auto Cinderella Jack 113g harvest by @Nickeluring

Auto Cinderella Jack 113g indoor harvest from a single plant

A dry harvest of 113g (4oz) came from a single Auto Cinderella Jack plant grown simply in soil with 30% added perlite. What made this 12-week grow special was the maximum 10/10 strain rating from the skilled grower @Nickeluring who was highly impressed with the bud strength. If you’re looking for some easy-to-grow autoflower seeds with proven 25% THC levels, then this Auto Cinderella Jack customer review is exactly what you need to be reading!

Auto Cinderella Jack indoor grow report by @Nickeluring (GrowDiaries)


Seed to harvest
12 weeks

Dry yield
113 grams

Overall rating

@Nickeluring made a great job of this indoor grow. He used a 30 litre (6.6 gallon) container filled with a 70/30 soil/perlite mix. The perlite allows extra root aeration, making the soil lighter and airier to support superior cannabis root development. A layer of clay balls was placed at the base of the container.

Auto Cinderella Jack by nickeluring budshot week 8

Auto Cinderella Jack grow diary by @Nickeluring

The Auto Cinderella Jack seed germinated after 1 day and was manually watered. Initial growth seemed a little slow, but by day-19 @Nickeluring had tied down some of the branches cannabis low stress training (LST).

This allowed enhanced light penetration from the 240W LED, enabling good sized blooms to emerge later from lower bud points. Without doubt, the generous 113g final yield was partly down to the effective use of LST early in the grow.

Cannabis seedling stage how to guide

The world’s most potent autoflower of 2020!

Auto Cinderella Jack original cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion

Auto Cinderella Jack indoor flowering pictures by @Nickeluring

Auto Cinderella Jack grow conditions

Cannabis seeds: Auto Cinderella Jack (autoflower seeds)

Grow room: Gorilla Grow Tent (2m x 4m)

Container: 30 litre fabric sack

Grow medium: 70/30 soil/perlite mix

Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients + Canna + Growth Technology

Grow lights: 240W XS2000 LED

Grow style: LST + Defolitation of lower levels

Dutch Passion’s feedback and bonus tips

Auto Cinderella Jack by nickeluring - frosty bud ready to harvest

Congratulations to @Nickleuring on a well controlled grow and a superb result! 113g (4oz) of sticky buds from a single auto with a 10/10 potency rating is something all home growers would consider a great success. Any future growers wanting to shoot for maximum THC levels with Auto Cinderella Jack may wish to consider the following expert tips:

  • Use quality LED grow lights and try to keep your plants in the optical sweet spot as she progresses through the seedling stage, veg and bloom.
  • Use of supplemental UVA/UVB lights are recommended to boost total terpene content and cannabinoid content. These lights are used for 2-3 hours per day for the last 2-3 weeks of bloom.
  • Use a large, aerated grow container. Fabric sacks and air pots are especially recommended, particularly the larger sizes of 25-30+ litres.
  • Avoid over feeding and over-watering your cannabis plants. This is one of the most frequent errors seen, especially by less experienced growers. Over-feeding and over-watering stunts growth and may permanently reduce final yield/quality. If dosing mineral (bottled) nutrients is a repeat source of problems, try BioTabs slow release organic nutrients for a fuss-free grow.

If you’re looking for proven autoflower seeds that will deliver maximum THC levels then Auto Cinderella Jack is one of our top recommendations (Auto Skywalker Haze is our other auto strain that can smash the 25% THC barrier).

Auto Cinderella Jack grow journal by Nickeluring (Grow Diaries)

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