Auto Night Queen week by week flowering (video)

Auto Night Queen is one of Dutch Passion’s best ever indica autoflower seeds. She won 1st Prize in the Highlife Cannabis Cup (Autoflower seed category) and uses connoisseur Afghani Kush genetics to deliver notoriously powerful and pleasurable results with great anti-anxiety effects. Vape too much and you will be locked to the couch, getting up only to raid the fridge! THC levels are around and (in optimised conditions) above 20%.

The sumptuous, penetrating hash aroma comes thanks to an unusual terpene profile rich in the normally rare Guaiol, as well as Humulene and Beta-Myrcene. This knockout indica usually takes around 10 weeks to grow from autoflower seed to harvest. The strong feel-good body effects make her popular with medical growers.

Impressive THC levels and unusually high resin content make Auto Night Queen a popular choice with cannabis concentrate lovers and cannabis oil producers. If you want an easy-to-grow indica auto which is fast with heavy yields of rock-hard buds then Auto Night Queen is one of the finest and most potent choices you can make. The following week by week flowering video and pictures show you exactly what to expect.

Auto Night Queen grow time lapse video

The Auto Night Queen was grown indoors using organic nutrients, an aerated grow container and a quality LED with 20 hours of daily light. The grower allowed the Auto Night Queen an 11-week life cycle and was rewarded with an XL final dry yield of 165g of sparking, resinous buds. Auto Night Queen is a heavy yielding auto even though she is often regarded as a strain more often favoured by quality-focussed growers seeking premium potency levels.

Grow conditions:

Medium:30l Air Pot, Pro Lightmix 50% / Coco 50%
Additives:Mycotrex, Startrex, Biotabs, Root stimulator, Bio-Grow, Bio-Bloom, Bio-PK Booster.
Light:Solar System 275 (200w LED Light)
Light cycle:20/4 (full spectrum)
Temperature20-26°C (min 17°C in dark time)
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Auto Night Queen, weeks 1-2. Slow seedling growth

Auto Night Queen, weeks 1-2. Slow seedling growth

Growth is slow from the indica seedlings during the first couple of weeks following germination. Best results are obtained with 20 hours of daily indoor light. Expect to see the first couple of sets of true, serrated, leaves. Growth is limited, plants will be just a few cm tall.

Auto Night Queen seeds are easy to germinate with the ultra-reliable damp cotton pad method.

Germinating cannabis seeds the easiest way, moist cotton pads

Auto Night Queen, weeks 3-4. Early vegetative growth

Auto Night Queen, weeks 3-4. Early vegetative growth

During week 3 the initial leaf pairs increase in size. Week 4 often sees some quite sizeable growth as the Auto Night Queen starts increasing vertical growth as well as pushing out more leaves. The small initial leaf sets grow in size and the plants establish a root network during this phase. By the end of week 4, the Auto Night Queen was around 30-40cm tall.

Auto Night Queen, weeks 5-6. The real action begins!

Rapid vertical stretch and the first real signs of female plant growth began 5 weeks after the autoflower seed germinated. Note the numerous bloom points showing the first stages of formation. At the same time the main dominant bloom as well as the side blooms begin to take shape. This particular specimen reached 70cm tall by the end of week 6, though some phenotypes can remain short and squat, barely exceeding 40-50cm.

The final Auto Night Queen height was around 75cm, meaning that most vertical stretch has already been completed. Now is the time for bud and resin production to really begin!

Auto Night Queen, weeks 7-8. Stretch stops, blooms start to fatten up

As part of the Afghani Kush cannabis seed collection, expect bushy, compact plants. These are ideal for those with limited vertical growth space. Note how both the numerous side blooms and the dominant central bloom start to gain mass. At this stage of development, Auto Night Queen is focussing her energy in the production of buds and resin. The grower noted a significant increase in the plant terpenes during weeks 7 & 8. At this stage your Auto Night Queen grow room will develop an aroma similar to a 1980’s Amsterdam coffee shop full of customers enjoying copious amounts of Afghani hash.

Auto Night Queen, weeks 9-10. Rapid bud and resin production

As Auto Night Queen approaches harvest the blooms rapidly gain weight and size. For many repeat Auto Night Queen growers this is the most satisfying part of the grow. The blooms become very heavy and sag under their own weight, especially in optimised grow rooms with powerful LED lights and high PPFD levels.

The grower noted that cloudy trichomes were present in week 10 along with orange pistils (hairs). But many auto growers love the extra yield and THC/potency that comes from a plant allowed an extra final week. The grower enjoys heavy indica effects and allowed the Auto Night Queen a final 11th week under high PPFD levels to maximise yields and impact.

A guide to grow lights PAR, PPFD, Wattage and DLI

Auto Night Queen, week 11. Cloudy/amber trichomes, heavy blooms – time for harvest!

Auto Night Queen, week 11. Cloudy/amber trichomes, heavy blooms - time for harvest!

Many growers harvest Auto Night Queen after 10 weeks. Leaving her an extra week ensures a powerfully sedating effect. For indica lovers this means joyful euphoria, deep relaxation and pleasurable body effects. The Auto Night Queen has a penetrating and pungent smell at harvest. The rich, unique Afghani aroma is difficult to beat. For some connoisseur growers Kush genetics represent cannabis perfection. The grower noted that the Auto Night Queen added noticeable levels of resin and buds during the final week.

Auto Night Queen week by week flowering

The grower was highly satisfied with a dry yield of 165g from a bushy 75cm autoflower in 11 weeks. The buds got top marks too – a perfect blend of indica body effects and an intensely pleasurable psychoactive high. Auto Night Queen presented no difficulties during the grow.

These are tough, durable autoflower seeds that grow with ease across a wide range of grow conditions, grow systems and grow mediums. The bulk of the vertical growth was complete after 6 weeks of growth. The following 4-5 weeks saw the blooms gradually swell up. The grower was especially impressed with the numerous heavy side-blooms, a trait common of all Dutch Passion autoflower strains.

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