Growing weed in a greenhouse

Growing weed in a greenhouse

Growing weed in a greenhouse is an easy and cheap way to grow your own cannabis. The greenhouse protects your cannabis plants from the worst of the rain, wind and cold. This allows your cannabis plants to grow faster than they might outside of the greenhouse.

A greenhouse also minimises the impact of the poor early season weather, allowing your cannabis plants to grow faster. This allows larger harvests.

One final bonus of greenhouse growing is that the mature plants are protected from cooler, damp weather at the end of the season. This allows the plants to mature and swell under the protection of the greenhouse, safe from the potentially damaging autumn weather.

Preparing your greenhouse for growing cannabis

A small amount of preparation in your greenhouse will allow you to get some extra special results. One of the most useful tips is to improve the soil quality. Some growers regularly replace the greenhouse soil, adding high quality compost. This can be home-made or bought from a garden centre.

Many growers will add soil improvers such as bat guano, well rotted manure, worm castings etc. These will act as slow-release fertilisers that give extra nutrition to your plants, which should allow healthier plants with better quality harvests.

At the start of each growing season, the experienced greenhouse grower also spend a day cleaning the greenhouse. This involves cleaning all the glass, ensuring that the greenhouse is clean and in good condition for the coming season.

Problems growing cannabis in a greenhouse

High temperatures in the middle of summer are one of the potential issues for greenhouse growers. When the sun appears, temperatures can quickly reach 30ºC or above. For some varieties this can cause the plants to wilt. There are several possible solutions to this issue.

Many growers use automatic ventilation panels that open in hot weather. Other growers use a white opaque greenhouse paint, this gives the greenhouse a white exterior and the greenhouse reflects more of the light and heat, making the interior much cooler.

One added advantage of using greenhouse paint is that it gives instant visual protection for your plants, no-one can see whats inside your greenhouse. Some greenhouse cannabis growers like to open the greenhouse doors on the hottest days, this allows a cooling breeze to flow through the greenhouse.

In hot weather your cannabis plants may/will need extra water – a hose pipe is a great way to quickly replenish the water levels in your greenhouse soil.

Growing autoflower seeds in a greenhouse

It’s easy to grow autoflower seeds in a greenhouse. Autoflower seeds tend to grow into plants which are around a metre tall, this lower hight be more convenient for some people.

Feminized seeds can sometimes reach 2-3 metres tall, which can cause problems in small/medium greenhouses. If you get a cannabis plant that is too tall for your greenhouse then the only option is to tie down your plant, or bend the main stem horizontally.

Autoflower seeds take around 90 days from seed to harvest in a greenhouse, for many people that will mean its possible to get a couple of successive greenhouse autoflower harvests in a single season.

This grow review of Dutch Passion autoflower seeds grown in a greenhouse may be useful reading. Auto Duck has stealth leaves that look unlike cannabis, this grow review of Auto Duck in a Scandinavian greenhouse shows how easy it is to get good quality cannabis from a greenhouse even in cold climates.

Drying your cannabis harvest in a greenhouse

Many greenhouse growers use the greenhouse to dry their cannabis too. So long as the greenhouse is reasonably dry and free from condensation then your cannabis harvest can be dried in the greenhouse. Usually it takes a few days to dry before the buds are transferred to jars.

Grow weed easily in a greenhouse

Many greenhouse growers buy supplemental nutrients from their grow shop or the garden centre. These can be useful, though they are not essential.

Some nutrients, such as PK additives or bloom nutrients can help the cannabis plant get through bloom with maximised THC levels and heavier harvests.

But its worth noting that cannabis will grow well in any good quality soil/compost, nutrients may help but they are not mandatory. This greenhouse grow review of  Frisian Dew (feminized outdoor photoperiod variety) shows how large good quality cannabis genetics can grow in a greenhouse.

THC rich cannabis grown in a greenhouse

One reason that so many people love growing their own cannabis in a greenhouse is that the marijuana plants grow using the suns natural spectrum.

Many people feel that this gives the buds a little bit of extra potency compared to indoor grown cannabis.

Growing weed easily in a greenhouse

Growing weed in a greenhouse is an uncomplicated and inexpensive way to grow your own cannabis. The only real costs are the seeds and any additional soil that you may wish to buy.

The sun provides all the energy and light, you just need to maintain a good growing environment and wait for the harvest to come. Its an easy way to grow your own, and its cheap.

A greenhouse will last for years and a pack of good quality cannabis seeds is your only real cost. Choose from the Dutch Passion autoflower seeds, or the Dutch Passion photoperiod feminized seeds to find the ones that suit you the best.

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  • lsd strain
    29/09/2019 08:20

    Thanks 🙂

  • Lemon Haze
    11/07/2021 18:47

    Do you need any nutrients such as grow, bloom, max or anything else or will I just need a good coco mix with perlite

    • For excellent plant growth we definitely advice to add some organic nutrients to the soil to ensure a good harvest.

      We advice the organic range of Biotabs which you can check out here:

      Dutch Passion

  • Lemon Haze
    20/07/2021 20:29

    thanks and is there any way to know how much nutrients ill need or is it different for every strain? [I’m going to grow lemon haze hence my name]

  • I was planning on drying in my greenhouse this year, as i can easily control humidity and temps but I’ve always thought it should be done in relative darkness. Thoughts?

    • Absolute darkness is the best for your buds! THC and terpenes evaporate slowly under sunlight so the less light the better 🙂

      Dutch Passion


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