Think Fast grown outdoors in Canada

THC rich outdoor cannabis growing the easy way

This weeks customer grow review features Dutch Passion Think Fast grown outdoors in Canada. It’s a feminized photoperiod seed variety with a strong high, heavy yields and fast flowering. She was grown in the summer of 2017 in Canada by ‘Greenskell’. Greenskell is a medical grower who is specialized in growing the best possible quality medical cannabis for personal consumption.

The 2017 summer in Canada was particularly difficult, with a lot of rain in the early part of the season and cool temperatures resulting in tough outdoor conditions. Despite the difficult growing conditions the Think Fast variety was able to grow into a bushy, tough and productive plant with a large yield.

Think Fast grown outdoors in Canada

Grow your own THC rich cannabis outdoors

The Think Fast was germinated indoors in a 16 ounce (large cup sized) container. The seedlings were germinated and grown indoors under LED grow light to give them a good start before they were moved outdoors.

Many successful outdoor growers like to give their plants 24 hour indoor light for a few weeks before they transplant outside. This has several advantages

  • Plants are protected from birds, snails etc while they are young and vulnerable
  • The young cannabis seedlings can escape the worst of the early season weather by being indoors under optimum conditions, instead of being outside struggling to survive the cool spring weather
  • The indoor germination and cultivation allows the seedlings to grow quickly into strong young plants. This gives them a greater chance of reaching their full potential outdoors

Dutch Passion Think Fast seeds

Greenskell has grown many Dutch Passion varieties, his 2016 outdoor grow review with Dutch Passion photoperiod seeds and autoflower seeds is here. Greenskell’s 2015 outdoor grow review of Frisian Dew, Hollands Hope and Blueberry is here.

In each case Greenskell is able to optimise his growing conditions to produce XL cannabis harvests whether he is growing feminized photoperiod seeds or feminized autoflower seeds. One of the key aspects to this weeks successful Think Fast blog was the plot preparation.

The soil is always dug over extensively to create a large 3m x 3m growing area, digging the soil improves the soil texture and improves aeration making it easier for the roots to thrive. The soil is further improved with natural fertilisers including well rotted manure to ensure it is rich and nutritious.

Experienced growers add the manure a few months before the plants arrive, this allows the manure to break down into the constituent minerals and prevents the fresh manure ‘burning’ the plants.

Think Fast grown outdoors in Canada

Tips and advice for outdoor cannabis growing

The most successful outdoor growers always invest time to prepare and improve the growing area. Some growers buy supermarket soil to improve the quality of the local soil if needed. And many outdoor growers take the time to buy organic additives such as bat guano, worm castings, blood/fish/bone meal to the soil.

Its a good way to boost the productivity from your plants, and can also improve taste. A small amount of time preparing the growing location before the grow can repay the grower with significantly heavier harvests at the end of the year.

Many outdoor growers also protect their plants from snails by scattering (and re-applying) snail/slug pellets around the base of their plants. Animals such as deer, goat, rabbits etc can be kept away from your plants with the use of garden wire mesh fencing (‘chicken wire’).

Greenskell has grown large outdoor cannabis plants for many years, his Monster Plant Grow Guide is well worth reading if you are serious about growing large marijuana plants outdoors the easy way.

XL yielding outdoor cannabis harvests

Although the 2017 summer weather could have been better, the Think Fast grew into a large plant with numerous blooms thanks to the preparation of the growing area. Think Fast had its trademark heavy frost coverage, its a great variety for hash making or concentrate producers of shatter, cannabis oil and similar cannabis concentrates.

The heavy frost coverage also helps make Think Fast one of the strongest varieties in the Dutch Passion collection. The genetics are a photoperiod version of the legendary Think Different autoflower.

Think Fast contains some recessive autoflower genetics which allow her to bloom somewhat faster than traditional varieties and grow with more vigor. Think Fast is also easy to grow indoors, usually with 4-5 weeks of vegetive growth and 9 weeks of bloom under 12/12 light.

The Think Fast was harvested around the first week of October with a heavy harvest, she was planted outdoors around the start of June. Many of the blooms were both long and thick, despite the difficult growing season Think Fast was tough enough to thrive and produce a heavy harvest.

Buy some Think Fast feminized photoperiod seeds online if you are looking for a robust, THC rich variety that is able to deliver XL harvests easily whether you are an indoor or outdoor grower.

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  • Rose Labrouste
    06/04/2021 09:49

    Hi! I just ordered seeds of think fast, I hope they’ll be more satisfying than my older order of 3 seeds of frisian dew 2 years ago that had never germinated. I really hope

  • I bought a pack of five Think-Fast feminized Dutch Passion seeds and they all germinated perfectly and are now thriving under a couple of full spectrum grow lights. I gave one seed away which germinated in the hands of someone else, so a perfect pack. Going to transplant to an outdoor soil bed in a couple of days, they’re doing so nicely.


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