Auto Blueberry seed to harvest grow report

Auto Blueberry cannabis seed to harvest grow report

Auto Blueberry is the autoflowering version of Dutch Passion’s legendary photoperiod Blueberry strain. These indica genetics are noted for the powerful, relaxing and pleasurable effects alongside deliciously sweet, dark-fruit flavours. This Auto Blueberry indoor grow review was completed between January – March 2023 with cool ambient conditions due to the grow tent being positioned in the loft. Despite the cold, the two Auto Blueberries went on to deliver 73g (2.6 oz) of premium sticky buds with a rich penetrating fruity stench.

Auto Blueberry autoflowering cannabis seed to harvest timelapse video

Cannabis strain
Auto Blueberry
Type of seeds
Autoflower cannabis seeds
Grow Light SolarSystem 275,  200W LED light
Light cycle 20/4 (20 hours of daily light from autoflowering cannabis seed to harvest)
Grow techniques None, other than defoliation and lower branch removal
Grow medium 50/50 light-mix/coco-fibre
Nutrients BioTabs slow release organics. Bio Rhizotonic root stimulator. BAC grow, bloom and PK booster.
Containers 30 litre (6.6 gallon) airpot for the time-lapse plant.
21 litre airpot (4.6 gallons) for the other.
Yield 43g and 30g

Auto Blueberry week by week grow review

Auto Blueberry cannabis seed germination

The Artist grew two Auto Blueberry plants indoors inside his loft over winter. The plant which would eventually be made into a time-lapse movie had the 30 litre airpot. The second Auto Blueberry enjoyed life in a slightly more compact 22l pot. The grow medium was a light aerated 50/50 blend of light mix soil and coco fibre.

Temperature and humidity were kept high during the first 4 weeks by keeping the extraction fan/filter combo switched off. Although this goes against conventional grow-room wisdom, there was enough fresh air in the room for the seedlings. More importantly, it was crucial to keep the grow room temperature high enough.

The 200W LED growlight only just produced enough excess heat to keep the tent temperatures viable. During the lights-off period temperatures would drop as low as 14-16 °C (~60F), such temperatures are not ideal even if your autoflower seeds are tough enough to cope with them.  With the lights on, temperatures would reach a more tolerable 22°C/72F+.

Auto Blueberry week 1

Auto Blueberry 1-week old seedling

In the macro photo, you can see there are already trichomes on a 1-week-old seedling. This is very cool. I would think these trichomes might be richest in the cannabinoid CBG – since that cannabinoid is the building block from which other cannabinoids come from. But that’s just my theory. I have been wanting to grow Auto Blueberry for quite a while now and am impressed with the way things have started.

Auto Blueberry trichomes development after just 1 week

Auto Blueberry week 2

Auto Blueberry 2-weeks old seedling

It’s cool to see that Auto Blueberry shows very sharp edged ‘serrated’ leaves. And already you can see a more indica type of leaf shape. I’ve grown a few Dutch Passion autoflower seeds now, from experience there’s not a lot you need to do other than watch and admire at this stage.

Auto Blueberry week 3

Auto Blueberry 3 weeks old

There is a clear development of side branches. Leaves are nice and broad like indica leaves should be. Steady, stable growth.

Auto Blueberry week 4

Auto Blueberry seed to harvest (4 weeks old)

You can already see that this will probably be a more compact, small plant. Dutch Passion are quite open about that, Auto Blueberry is indica dominant with little stretch. Another thing I noticed is the very shiny, reflective leaves. Normally this is the sign of a healthy happy plant.

Auto Blueberry week 5

Auto Blueberry seed to harvest (5 weeks old)

The plant has a bit of an igloo shape (semi-spherical). The side branches are developing underneath some strong, shiny fan-leaves. Everything seems to be growing healthy.

Auto Blueberry week 6

Auto Blueberry seed to harvest (6 weeks old)

Although both plants are quite small, there is now a clear structure showing. Main cola and side branches can be seen and first signs of flowering are showing. Again, there is nothing much to do other than water occasionally and watch the plants grow.

Auto Blueberry week 7

Auto Blueberry seed to harvest (7 weeks old)

White pistils are visible and the first clear trichome production can be seen. The size of the Auto Blueberry plants remains compact, under 50cm. If you have limited vertical grow space this would be an ideal autoflower seed choice.

Auto Blueberry week 8

Auto Blueberry seed to harvest (8 weeks old)

Resin production is going very nicely. The main cola is showing more volume and clear trichomes are starting to appear all over the plant. The leaves remain perfectly green and shiny. It’s an uncomplicated strain to grow, no real maintenance is needed. Auto Blueberry would be a good autoflower seed choice for rookie growers even though it’s positioned as more of a connoisseur option in my opinion.

Auto Blueberry week 9

Auto Blueberry seed to harvest (9 weeks old)

The plants are swelling up now and are looking very frosty already. Touch the leaves and you can smell the deep soft aroma. Very pleasant. Anyone that loves to loiter aimlessly in their grow room will enjoy growing Auto Blueberry seeds!

Auto Blueberry week 10

Auto Blueberry seed to harvest (10 weeks old)

The buds are pretty thick and covered in resin at this point. There are still quite some white pistils and trichomes remain mostly clear. So I will let her flower for another week.

I think because of the colder winter temperatures the plants took slightly longer to develop and finish. But it looks like the end result is going to be quite nice. With some potent, high quality flowers.

Temperatures when the lights are off for 4 hours, sometimes dropping down to 14-16 degrees. Which the plants seem to be handling fine.

Auto Blueberry week 11

Auto Blueberry seed to harvest (11 weeks old)

The plants are finished and will be harvested soon. They both remained under 50cm but developed some very good frosty buds. These autoflowers have a very nice aroma. A potent berry like aroma, with a sharp edge. That’s more or less how I would describe it. There is definitely a powerful and unusually pungent fruity scent in there.

Auto Blueberry frosty main cola (week 12)

Auto Blueberry harvest report and terpene analysis

Auto Blueberry cannabis buds harvest by The Artist

Although ‘The Artist’ has grown numerous Dutch Passion cannabis seeds with solid results previously, this grow had a particular fruity dankness which he hadn’t experienced before.

Some buds were sent for terpene analysis and showed a remarkable result, with 1.15% terpenes. Most strains tend to show total terpene contents of around 0.5%.

To achieve over double the standard terpene content shows just how juicy and flavour-filled these Auto Blueberry buds are. If you’re looking for some proven autoflower seeds with searingly potent buds, a cannabis cup winning pedigree and an exceptionally tasty full terpene loading then Auto Blueberry remains indisputably one of the best choices available.

Auto Blueberry independent terpene analysis

The Artist made the following summary of his experience growing Auto Blueberry autoflowering seeds.

The main Auto Blueberry produced 43g of frosty dry buds, and the second one 30 gr. The yield was OK in terms of weight, but much more than OK in terms of quality! I already knew that this grow wasn’t about record-breaking yields. This grow was all about chasing those legendary Blueberry flavours and seeing the trichome frosted buds with the original blue hues for myself. And how I loved it!

Auto Blueberry final plant harvest by The Artist

I can’t say that I have ever seen buds that looked and smelled quite as sweet as these. Blue flecks of colour hiding under a silver-white resin frost with orange hairs and emerald-green from the calyx’s really was a pleasure to look at and I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics. Perhaps I could have got a heavier harvest from one of the other Dutch Passion autos. But would I have got the same soul and character that these Auto Blueberry genetics deliver? Surprising potency too, these buds are just as strong as any top photoperiod strain. The high lasts all night and produced quite an appetite!

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