Homegrown Mokum’s Tulip tested with over 25% THC

Homegrown Mokum's Tulip tested with over 25% THC

@Weedganja420 produced a sensational home grow using Dutch Passion’s cannabis cup winning Mokum’s Tulip feminised seeds with a professional independent lab analysis showing a staggering 25.5% THC. If you’re a serious home grower focussed on growing the very highest quality buds possible then this grow from @Weedganja420 shows the type of results you can get from the best cannabis seeds when grown under good indoor conditions!

Mokum’s Tulip seeds grown indoors under quality LED grow lights

This pro-quality review began when @Weedganja420 selected Mokum’s Tulip feminised seeds for his indoor LED grow. The cannabis genetics come from Gelato x Sherbet, two of the more respected/stable/consistent lines with impeccable USA heritage.

The hybrid genetics produce very sticky and compact buds that produce, without doubt, one of the finest aromas and extreme trichome frostings ever seen by the Dutch Passion team. Several recent cannabis cup victories (Dutch Flowers Cup, Clouds In The City, Farallones Medical Cup) authenticate the exceptional strength alongside the trademark sweet, fruity & creamy terpene profile.

Class-leading taste and jar-appeal are great, but even better when augmented by slamming potency levels which leave you gasping with delight. A total cannabinoid content of over 30% is rare for professional licensed growers… and even rarer for home growers. THC levels in Dutch coffeeshop weed, confirmed by official Government monitoring, are ‘only’ around 15%. So a THC level of 25%+ represents extreme potency.

THC levels of 25.5% produced by @Weedganja420 are about as good as it realistically gets for home growers. Smoke/vape some of these buds and you will notice blindingly powerful effects that are in a different league to average strains. A little goes a very long way and it should be added that many casual smokers will find the 25%+ THC levels to be simply excessively potent and bewildering for anything other than a late-night mega blast.

Mokum’s Tulip seed to harvest grow diary by @Weedganja420

Mokum's Tulip extreme-THC homegrown seed to harvest by Weedganja420

@Weedganja420 gave his Mokum’s Tulip plant a modest 5-week period of vegetative growth. During this stage the plant was in containers of 0.7 litres, 7 litres and finally 11 litres. This process of gradually ‘potting up’ the plant to increasingly larger containers helps the plant to establish a thriving cannabis root system.

Healthy growth below ground allows an extensive root network capable of feeding the plant all the nutrition required to reach full genetic potential and the revered 25%+ THC levels that have made Mokum’s Tulip one of the most potent genetic lines available to quality-focussed home growers.

Mokum’s Tulip is part of the exclusive invitation-only Dutch Passion High THC cannabis seeds collection, home only to the very finest seeds capable of hitting and exceeding 20-25% THC.

The Mokum’s Tulip was grown organically with soil and nutrients from Plagron. A 480W LED grow light was used throughout. One of the most important recommendations for any grower aspiring to hit the mythical 25% THC level is to use high quality LED and keep their plants in the optical sweet spot from cannabis seed to harvest. That means using the light according to manufacturers guidelines, supported with your own experience, to ensure that the plants don’t suffer from too-little or too-much light.

Mokum's Tulip red frosty fall colours

No pruning was used, the Mokum’s Tulip was allowed to grow in the natural way and was harvested after an 8 week bloom time under a 12/12 cannabis light cycle (12 hours of daily light followed by 12 hours of darkness). The lack of any complicated training/growth techniques will be reassuring to those hoping to emulate these 25%+ THC levels. Keeping it simple really does produce superb results.

The real secret to maximising THC potential from Mokum’s Tulip is simply providing the stable growth conditions needed for the elite genetics to thrive. Key to this is avoiding the quality-limiting effects seen when yoyo-ing between overfeeding and underfeeding cannabis plants.

If you can keep Mokum’s Tulip in the nutrient sweet spot as well as the optical sweet spot then you will allow a stress-free optimised grow environment where Mokum’s Tulip can do what she does best and produce XL yields of truly connoisseur quality buds that are on a different level to merely excellent strains.

A yield of 63g of Grade-A dry buds from a single plant in a busy grow room was a respectable yield considering the brutal and uniquely uncompromising THC levels on offer. If you want to see some other Mokum’s Tulip grow reviews showing the huge yields that are also possible then the following articles will provide useful reading.


Mokum’s Tulip smoke / vape report: 25% THC levels hit the spot!

Mokun's Tulip exceptional bud quality achieved by providing optimised growing conditions

@Weedganja420 used a quality grow environment and reaped the rewards for his hard work and patient growing. With no training techniques or complicated grow style, the Mokum’s Tulip was a straightforward grow without any real challenges or issues.

The exceptional bud quality was achieved simply by providing optimised conditions and keeping them that way from cannabis seed to harvest.

Growers love the pungent, delicious terpene profile of Mokum’s Tulip. But the banging 25%+ THC levels and entourage effect from a fully loaded cannabinoid profile ensure that these irresistibly dank buds deliver rare levels of satisfaction, strength and unsurpassed smoking pleasure.

The flowers of Mokum’s Tulip are very pretty due to their layer of resin and striking colours, especially at the end of flowering. Something that I also really like about these flowers is that their great smell is the same as the taste, they really smell like a cocktail of ripe fruits or sweet fruits. Its sweet flavour lingers on the palate of the mouth when smoked. Its effect is very powerful due to its high THC content. It is ideal for spending a good evening with friends. Without a doubt, it is a very good strain for lovers of flowers with a strong sweet flavour and a great relaxing effect.

Frosty dried buds of Mokum's Tulip harvested by Weedganja420

Such was the impressive quality of this Mokum’s Tulip that an independent lab analysis was arranged to determine precise THC levels along with other cannabinoids.

A grand total of 30.19% total cannabinoids was produced. THCA was 28.8%, this relates to a THC content of 25.5%. We rarely see Mokum’s Tulip producing higher levels.

But for those keen to try, supplemental UVA/UVB light is recommended for 2-3 hours per day for the last 2-3 weeks of bloom. This can push final THC content a percentage point or three higher. The ‘mother’ cannabinoid CBG was found at levels of 0.8% along with traces of THCV/THCV.

Luxurious, frosty Mokum’s Tulip buds with powerful anti-anxiety effects

Mokum's Tulip frosty budshot by Weedganja420

The frosted, luxurious appearance of the Mokum’s Tulip shows the quality levels available to anyone prepared to try pushing these fine quality cannabis seeds to the max. If you’re an experienced grower looking to take your harvests to the next level then some exceptional quality seeds really should be the foundation of your next grow. Note also the striking autumnal hues to the buds and sugar leaves at harvest, combined with the dense trichome frosting these buds are genuine eye-candy.

Mokum’s Tulip is one the most potent feminised strains available to quality-focussed growers aiming to ramp-up the quality of their harvests. THC levels around or above 25% are on offer for those that can deliver stable, optimised grow conditions. The high is blissfully enjoyable.

Cannabis growers love the pungent, delicious terpene profile of Mokum’s Tulip

The anti-anxiety euphoria slaps delightfully hard with stress-busting relief and a wave of powerful physical relaxation – ideal for medical growers seeking premium strength pain relief.

Cannabis rarely gets much better than this. If your recent grows have left you feeling slightly under-whelmed then now could be the time to upgrade your genetics to the same ones used by those that enjoy 25%+ THC harvests.

Mokum’s Tulip expert tips for indoor growers

3 stages of Mokum's Tulip growing into a beautiful plant

Though it’s admittedly easier said than done, especially for less experienced growers, the process of keeping your plants in the nutrient and optical sweet spot from cannabis seed to harvest under a quality LED is the best recipe to push your genetics to their limit.

As @Weedganja420 showed, you don’t need to master complicated indoor grow techniques or become a hydroponics pro to fill a jar or two with top-shelf nugs. Just starting with the best cannabis seeds you can buy and following the basics will allow you to get the job done. Use of supplemental UVA/UVB lights is recommended to licensed legal professional growers as well as serious home growers.

We hope this grow from @Weedganja420 will inspire others chasing their ultimate harvest to check out Mokum’s Tulip feminised seeds for themselves. You too could soon be producing 25%+ THC levels from your grow room!

Fans of autoflower seeds should note that the same cripplingly powerful genetics are also available as Auto Mokum’s Tulip, taking around 12 weeks to grow indoors under 20 hours of daily light from auto seed to harvest.

Mokum’s Tulip indoor grow info

Cannabis seeds: Mokum’s Tulip

Veg period: 5 weeks

Bloom period: 8 weeks

Grow container: 11 litres

Light: 480W LED

Grow type: indoor soil grow, no training methods or grow techniques used

Yield: 63g

Final THC content: 25.5% !! (total cannabinoids>30%)

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