Power Plant 180g harvest with HLG 650R led lights

Power Plant 180g harvest with HLG 650R led lights

Dutch Passion Power Plant is a heavy yielding South African sativa. She is a multiple cannabis cup winner with thousands of repeat growers. In this weeks customer grow review, TheCannaProphet grew two photoperiod Power Plants in fabric containers of coco/perlite using LED grow lights. The plants took 9 weeks to complete bloom and had a combined yield of 367g (average of 183.5g per plant!). Heavy yields of high potency harvests are the main reason for so many satisfied repeat growers. This is the second time that TheCannaProphet has enjoyed growing Power Plant. His previous Power Plant grow review is here.

Power Plant indoor grow review by TheCannaProphet

I’ve cultivated this strain several times now and it never fails to please! Grown in a 7 Gallon fabric pot with a 70/30 Coco/Perlite mix and fed Fox Farms nutrients up to a maximum of 1400ppm’s, with supplemental CO2 added at 1200ppm. 60 day vegetation, topped once on Day 28. On day 45 I installed a trellis net which stayed up until Week 4 of flower. I decided to remove it as it was leaving fibers on the flowers. In hindsight, because of her height of only 24 inches (61cm) the trellis wasn’t necessary. I started on an 18/6 light cycle, then flipped it to 12/12 on day 61, then went to 10/14 for the last three weeks of flower.

Variety Power Plant
Cannabis seed type Photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds
Germination date Sept 2020
Germination time 2-4 days
Vegetative stage length 60 days
Bloom stage length 9 weeks
Dutch Passion Power Plant a week or two away from harvest with numerous heavy blooms
Dutch Passion Power Plant a week or two away from harvest with numerous heavy blooms.
Grow room typeIndoor grow tent, by Gorilla Grow Tent (‘GGT 4×8’)
Grow room size4 feet x 8 feet (1.2m x 2.4m)
Plant containers7 gallon (30 litre) air pots
Grow medium70% Coco fibre with 30% added perlite
NutrientsBotanicare, 100% dry organic amendments & Fox Farms
Grow systemPlants hand watered. Supplemental CO2 added at 1200 ppm
Grow techniquePlants topped once on day 28 of veg growth with some light low stress training (tying down branches)
Grow lightTwo x HLG 650 (Horticulture Lighting Group). 630W power draw from each light. Plus 2 x 30W UV bars from HLG
Light cycle18/6 in veg, 12/12 in bloom
pH details6.2-6.8 ph’d water & weekly tea
Additional harvest details48hrs of darkness was given before harvest, a technique believed to increase resin production. Branches needed support at the end of bloom to prevent them collapsing under the weight of their buds
Drying informationHung up and dried for 12 days
Final yield12.95 ounces (367g) of dry buds from 2 plants

Power Plant, numerous heavy yielding blooms packed with resin

I’ve run Power Plant before and the buds on this strain grow into monster cola’s that, because of its tight internodal spacing, are SUPER DENSE and packed with trichomes! I did end up with one flower that experienced Fasciation/Polyploidism which ended up looking unique as hell after getting trimmed up! The aroma of this strain is something so unique you will definitely remember it with its spicy, earthy nose and subtle hints of lily’s and vanilla.

Power Plant indoor LST-training by TheCannaProphet

I utilized LST (low stress training) throughout their entire life cycle and had to tie some of the main branches to others to prevent them from snapping due to the weight of the cola’s this strain produces. The cola’s are things of beauty with this strain due to her tight internodal spacing and give off an unmistakable pungent aroma that’s spicy, earthy with hints of lily’s and vanilla that you won’t soon forget, and when cured properly it only gets better! The tight flower structure also makes this strain a joy to trim. I wet trim all of the larger leaves before hanging, and when dry the few sugar leaves left can be literally just flicked off with minimal touch up required to achieve buds with awesome ‘bag appeal’. All in all this strain from Dutch Passion checks ALL the boxes… Easy to grow, moisture/nutrient tolerant, disease resistance, smell/taste/effects…an absolute joy to cultivate and it will always have a spot in my future runs! 😎👍

Power Plant, heavy yields and easy to grow with high THC levels

Power Plant is noted for being an easy, straight-forward sativa strain to grow. She will grow well in any grow system and is a true all rounder. The fact that TheCannaProphet and so many others grow her repeatedly tells you a great deal about the consistently superb quality levels, yields and ease of growth.

Many experienced growers choose Power Plant seeds when trying to beat their own record yields! The fast 8-9 week bloom time is unusual for a genuine XXL yielding strain and adds to the appeal.

Power Plant is part of the Dutch Passion Classic cannabis seeds collection. This contains some of the world’s most proven, cannabis cup winning legendary strains including White Widow seeds and many other classics. You can buy Power Plant in feminised seeds or regular seeds. Auto Power Plant is the autoflowering seed version.

Power Plant stage-by-stage grow in 4×8 Gorilla tent

TheCannaProphet has his original Power Plant grow review here on Grow Diaries. In the experienced hands of TheCannaProphet with such well established/stable genetics there were no significant difficulties during the grow. Progress was steady and the topping on day 28 of veg growth resulted in a heavily branched plant.

Yields are always well above average from these prize winning cannabis genetics. The blooms can become as thick as a large soda bottle under good conditions.

Seedling stage

The Power Plant feminised seeds were germinated and grown in small plastic cups containing a 70/30 mix of coco fibre/perlite. Initial growth was steady and consistent. The LED grow lights provide a good spectrum for early growth and TheCannaProphet did a great job with the nutrients. The plants remained in the nutrient sweet spot without over feeding or underfeeding.

Cannabis seedling stage how-to guide

Power Plant Seedling a few days after germination.
Power Plant Seedling a few days after germination.

Vegetative stage

The two Power Plants were given 60 days of vegetative growth. This allowed plenty of time for numerous branches to grow which would later yield very well. On day 28 the plants were topped. The growing tip was removed causing the plant to take on a short, squat, bushy structure. This does cost you the heavy main central bloom and a few days for the plants to recover. However many growers feel the price is worth paying for a heavier final harvest.

Cannabis vegetative stage how-to guide

Power Plant showing healthy vegetative growth.
Power Plant showing healthy vegetative growth.

Flowering stage

Bloom took 9 weeks for the two Power Plants. The intense lighting from the LED grow lights resulted in a bumper 12.95 (363g) harvest of dried buds. The long veg phase combined with the topping on day 28 produced a large number of chunky side blooms which contributed to a generous harvest averaging 180g per plant. One of the Power Plant blooms showed an unusual natural phenomena known as fasciation. This results in the bloom growing around twice the usual width.

Throughout bloom the buds steadily gained weight and the resin production was particularly impressive.

Cannabis flowering stage how-to guide

Rock hard Power Plant buds ready to be enjoyed!
Rock hard Power Plant buds ready to be enjoyed!

Power Plant 180g harvest smoke report

The aroma of this strain is something so unique you will definitely remember it with its spicy, earthy nose and subtle hints of lily’s and vanilla it will put a smile on your face every time! This strain is mostly Sativa from South Africa and as a result the high starts out uplifting, giving motivation to get projects or other tasks done. Keep smoking this girl and the energetic sativa high gives way to a relaxing euphoria that lends itself to listening to some music or just vegging on the couch watching TV. I LOVE growing this strain, smelling it, smoking it…Give her a try and I’m sure you’ll agree! 😎👌

Power Plant multiple chunky blooms 1-2 weeks away from harvest.
Power Plant multiple chunky blooms 1-2 weeks away from harvest.

Power Plant expert tips for SCROG growers

Power Plant can be grown with the SOG method, and even grow directly from seed under 12/12 conditions. Power Plant is ideally suited to the SCROG method, though please bear in mind that only about half of your SCROG net needs to be filled before you put the plants into flowering. Power Plant will fill the net extremely quickly! Supercropping, snapping and bending is recommended to control outlying branches.

Growing cannabis with the SCROG method

Power Plant drying and curing tips

Power Plant isn’t difficult or time consuming to trim. Note that the particularly thick, chunky blooms produced by Power Plant can take a day or two longer to dry compared to lesser-yielding strains.

The normal cannabis harvesting, drying and curing tips can be used.

How to harvest, dry and cure cannabis

Power Plant, the perfect choice for the grower seeking high quality heavy yielding genetics.
Power Plant, the perfect choice for the grower seeking high quality heavy yielding genetics.

Buy your own Power Plant cannabis seeds

If you are looking for easy-to-grow cannabis seeds that are fully proven with high THC levels, fast bloom times and extremely heavy yields then look no further. Power Plant is a perfect choice! What’s more it’s a fully established and consistently high quality genetic line. Photoperiod feminised seeds are available as well as regular cannabis seeds.

Auto Power Plant uses the same cannabis cup winning Power Plant genetics and is a great choice for fans of autoflower seeds that want a fast 10-11 week harvest.

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