Auto MAC #1 seed to harvest grow report

Auto Mac #1 90g indoor harvest in 11 weeks

Auto MAC#1 uses genetics from the acclaimed Miracle Alien Cookies, a USA strain notorious for 25%+ THC levels. The Auto version has been independently lab tested. And with the same rare 25% THC levels she is automatically admitted into the Dutch Passion Extremely High THC cannabis seed collection – home to those exclusive strains that can reach killer potency levels.

This week-by-week Auto MAC #1 grow review with pictures & time-lapse video show you exactly what to expect from these fine quality genetics.

Auto MAC #1 cannabis seed to harvest timelapse video

Cannabis strain Auto MAC #1
Type of seeds Autoflower cannabis seeds
Harvested plant(s) 1
Grow Light SANlight Q6W, 215W LED light
Light cycle 20 hours of light, 4 hours of darkness
Grow techniques None, other than defoliation and lower branch removal
Grow medium 50/50% mix of lightmix and coco substrate
Nutrients Bio Rhizotonic root stimulator,

BAC grow, bloom and PK booster
Biotabs were also added to the soil as a bonus

Containers 22l Air-pot
Dry yield 90g

Auto MAC #1 week by week grow review

Auto MAC #1 was grown indoors by a seasoned Dutch Passion grower known as The Artist. He is a quality-focussed grower specialising in small home grows using fine quality cannabis seeds.

This was an indoor grow done during spring and early summer 2023. Previous loft grows conducted during winter caused some issues with low temperatures. I hoped that this grow would offer better conditions, but unfortunately the last few weeks of this grow did see some high temperatures in June.

To my relief the Auto MAC #1 breezed through the higher-than-preferred temperatures and delivered a large plant with a pleasingly heavy harvest. Potency was epic, possibly the most potent buds I’ve ever grown.

It was an easy grow with little to do. Auto MAC #1was grown naturally, without any significant use of cannabis high stress training or low stress training techniques. A few lower branches were removed alongside lower leaves. My feeling is that this approach allows the best yields as plant biochemical energy is targeted to the blooms.

As always, I took lots of pictures, I hope you enjoy seeing this grow as much as I enjoyed the cultivation!

Auto MAC #1 germination

I planted a couple of Auto MAC #1 autoflower seeds. Both germinated quickly using the direct-in-soil method, which seems the most natural and hassle-free way of germinating cannabis seeds. The better-looking seedling was chosen for the photography.

Auto MAC #1 week 1

Nothing much to report. Just steady growth during the cannabis seedling stage.

Auto MAC #1 week 2

Auto Mac #1 from cannabis seed to harvest (week 2)

This was the seedling that was growing the fastest and looked the best. So I put this one in front of the camera. As usual with Dutch Passion cannabis seeds, progress was steady with no drama.

Auto MAC #1 week 3

Auto Mac #1 from cannabis seed to harvest (week 3)

Strong stem and vigorous growth. Beautiful, ridged leaves. Temperatures are ideal, reaching 26 degrees while lights are on, and 18 degrees during dark time.

Auto MAC #1 week 4

Auto Mac #1 from cannabis seed to harvest (week 4)

Strong main stem, healthy development.  Side branches are growing well. At this stage of the grow, I often ‘feel’ I should be busy doing something for the plant. But the Auto MAC #1 has left me with nothing to do other than occasional watering. It’s looking like a straight-forward grow, but there is still a long way to go.

Auto MAC #1 week 5

Auto Mac #1 from cannabis seed to harvest (week 5)

From weeks 4 to 5 you can see very fast growth both upwards and laterally. You can clearly see the flowers starting to form and side branches are skyrocketing towards the top.

This is the period of maximum stretch. I adjusted the hanging height of the LED lights to ensure that the upper branches didn’t experience damaging/stunting light-intensity levels.

It’s convenient to see the side branches catching up with the height of the main central bloom. That will make the future blooms roughly equidistant from the LED, all at/near optimised light levels. If all goes well the canopy will emerge with a flat SCROG-like appearance. Let’s see how the coming week or two go…

Auto MAC #1 week 6

Auto Mac #1 from cannabis seed to harvest (week 6)

Apart from the main cola, all the side blooms are approximately level with each other. When it comes to autoflowers, this is how I really love them to develop. It makes for a perfect distance between the LED and the bloom tops. The plant height at this point is about 75cm, these genetics deliver very conveniently formed plants – not too small, not too stretchy.

All the Dutch Passion autoflower seeds I have grown have developed in a similar way. Expect a chunky main bloom surrounded by a ring of side blooms. When the canopy of blooms is at a roughly even height, without any work from me, it makes cannabis growing embarrassingly easy. Especially with the slow-release organic nutrients from BioTabs – that largely replaces the hassles of manually feeding with mineral/bottled nutrients.

Auto MAC #1 week 7

Auto Mac #1 from cannabis seed to harvest (week 7)

Strong flower development with a lot of yellow / white pistils at the moment – what do you think? Looks great. Size will probably reach about 80-85cm. In my opinion that’s the perfect size for an autoflower in an indoor grow tent.

Overall, I’m very happy with the easy way this grow is going. No training/branch tying was necessary and I still have a pretty flat canopy of blooms. Who said growing your own cannabis was difficult?

All the leaves are also looking super healthy and green. That’s the benefit of slow-release organic nutrients. No burnt leaf tips!

Auto MAC #1 week 8

Auto Mac #1 from cannabis seed to harvest (week 8)

The side blooms and the main cola are really swelling up nicely. Cannabis seems to grow so well under LED. Beautiful yellowish looking flowers. I’m super happy with the results so far.

What a great aroma too. That’s one thing I really do love about the better USA cannabis genetics – loud and pungent aromas.

I just hope the buds keep swelling for the last few weeks. Fingers crossed. It’s all going so well so far. The buds and sugar leaves are covered with cannabis trichomes.

These buds are already looking like they are going to pack a punch. The aroma is gathering pungency and the buds are getting big!

Auto MAC #1 week 9

Auto Mac #1 from cannabis seed to harvest (week 9)

The pistils are now turning brown. Buds are swelling up even more. The plant structure is done growing, but the buds will only swell up more in the coming weeks and become more resinous.

Feeding is stopped, and only water will be given for the last 2 weeks. Auto MAC#1 is living up to her hype.

The quality looks top shelf, with any luck this will be somewhere around 100g of dry buds. For me, with a smallish tent/LED that’s quite an achievement. Still a couple of weeks to go, enjoy the pictures so far!

Auto Mac #1 indoor autoflower budshot (week 9)

Auto MAC #1 week 10

Auto Mac #1 from cannabis seed to harvest (week 10)

Were moving slowly towards the end. The flowers have a very nice size and are also quite firm. These are going to be special!

It’s nice just to sit and spend a few minutes admiring the bloom development at this stage in the cannabis flowering phase, maybe I will take a few more pictures too.

It looks like the harvest is going to be a very easy and quick one. These buds look like mini-apples ready to be picked! Trimming will be easy on these chunky buds. Simply beautiful.

The buds are not yet in the jars but already I feel that this is a really special strain and it has given me an easy grow with hardly anything to do other than strip off a few lower leaves and branches.

Auto MAC #1 week 11

Auto Mac #1 from cannabis seed to harvest (week 11)

The buds are pretty much ready and they look great. There are still white pistils growing on the buds, but these are mostly newly formed calyx’s growing on top of the old ones.

This seems like the right point to harvest; I don’t think another week would deliver significant yield gains. The Auto MAC#1 has a very heavy main cola, it’s a while since I saw one so plump.

I’ve only got some minor picking and trimming to do; this will rate as one of my quickest harvests with any luck. All in all, this strain has made for another easy, low-maintenance grow.

Auto MAC #1 harvest report

Auto Mac #1 main cola

Trimming and harvest of this autoflower was a pleasure, super-fast and quick just as I expected. The entire grow and harvest of this autoflower was a joy from start to finish. It was super easy.

A solid, healthy-growing autoflower with a perfect structure. Complete with ready-to-go frosty nuggets. After drying I ended up with a very nice 90 grams of resinous, nice smelling quality cured buds from the single plant.

I can honestly say that this has been my easiest Dutch Passion autoflower grow EVER! Even the trimming (one of my less preferred aspects of cannabis home growing) was a breeze.

11 weeks from autoflower seed to harvest means it was a fast grow. And almost hitting a 100g harvest (I ended up with 90g) ensured there were no disappointments with yield.

This is a solid producer of top-quality buds. XXL yields await those with bigger containers, more powerful lights and a bigger tent than me.

My friends invited themselves around for a smoke test and we were all impressed. Potency is right up there on a par with my best grows, even those from feminised cannabis seeds. A powerful euphoric blast is followed by the giggles and munchies with a soothing body effect. Totally relaxing and great after a busy day.

This strain is a real stinker. I was smoking some in the back garden and my friends could smell it before they got to the front door.

Auto Mac #1 indoor-grown cured cannabis buds

Bonus information, tips and recommendations

As always, the use of quality LED and possible UVA/UVB supplemental lights delivers the best spectrum. Growing in large (20-30 litres+) aerated containers is another top tip, as is ensuring that you have the right light intensities throughout the grow. Use hanging-height recommendations from your LED manufacturer but remember to combine this with your own observations/experience to ensure that your plants remain in the optical sweet spot from cannabis seed to harvest.

Though easier said than done, avoiding over/under feeding your plants reduces stress and optimises their growth vigour in both the vegetative growth phase as well as the cannabis bloom stage. Use of slow release nutrients such as those from BioTabs have helped countless growers avoid the headaches sometimes associated with traditional bottled nutrients.

Auto MAC#1 seeds are produced using the latest Dutch Passion professional selective breeding techniques in combination with lab-proven high-grade parent genetics to deliver stable, consistently excellent results. If you’re looking to upgrade the quality of your autoflower harvests, then Auto MAC#1 is currently among the very best autoflower seeds that you can buy.

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